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We love our clients so much, we ask for their autographs… or e-signatures, but we don’t have to get lost in the details. They love us so much we’re regular pen pals, emailing back and forth about investment dividends, profit projection yields, cash value funds and beneficiary designations. You know, best friend stuff! Several of our most pleased (and photogenic) clients shared their experiences with The Coverage Couple — we eliminated all the six-star reviews so we didn’t look braggy… these were the remainders.

We always meant to plan for our future when we got married, but a few years flew by so quick it wasn’t until a friend of the family died suddenly that Brandie and I were reminded how important it was to have life insurance settled once and for all. When we got in contact with Aaron and Sarah, it was like nothing I expected - they found a way to make a normally bland and even depressing conversation uplifting, reassuring, and enjoyable. We’re so glad we took that first step sooner rather than later. Brandie and I don’t have to avoid the thought of what tomorrow holds, it’s a great feeling. Thanks, Coverage Couple!

Derek and Brandie

The first thing Elise and I said on the webcam with Aaron and Sarah was “Sorry for waiting so long,” which they thought was funny! Although it was our first time meeting and talking with Aaron and Sarah, they understood that we felt ‘guilty’ having absolutely no insurance or investments in place with two girls (and hopefully more soon). Aaron and Sarah were totally understanding and so easy to deal with. After asking a few questions, they spent the rest of the week preparing what ended up being the best proposal I’ve ever seen, and I’m actually in project management. At the end of our 2nd meeting with them, we took care of a couple-signatures and that was it… If we knew it was this simple and affordable, we’d have taken care of this long ago.

Colin, Elise, Jane, and Lizzie
cheap life insurance

Jarred and I are always on the move, for vacations and Jarred’s job in bridge construction and surveying. We thought the picture of us all zip-lining was the perfect depiction of our family since we’re either relocating, visiting Jarred’s job-sites, or exploring wherever our camper takes us! Because of the risky career that Jarred’s in -- and the fact we’re always traveling with Valerie, Corbin, and Rosie -- we were curious if our ‘old and dusty’ life insurance policies still made sense. Aaron and Sarah carefully examined our coverage with us and revealed what was good and what needed our attention. After Jarred and I reviewed their suggestions, we knew it was best to fix our coverage now rather than waiting… so thankful we did! - Jarred, Katy, Valerie, Corbin and Rosie

Jarred, Katy, Valerie, Corbin and Rosie
adjustable life insurance

Catherine and I had no hope of being approved after being turned down by our car insurance company for life insurance years ago. We were shocked at how much time had passed since we tried to get a policy. When we contacted Aaron and Sarah at The Coverage Couple, it was actually for our grandchildren Danielle and Torrie. We have friends in our card club that purchased investment plans for their grandkids, and that got Catherine and I curious if we could do something like that for the girls. By the end of our consultation with Aaron and Sarah they not only recommended a program for Danielle and Torrie, but was able to get us both approved for our own policies way under our budget. We were so surprised with how everything unfolded because it wasn’t tedious or confusing. Now my wife and I have peace of mind, and our grandbabies have a bright future!

Roger, Catherine, Danielle and Torrie with Shortcake
car life insurance

Gerry had asked me to make sure our retirement package and life insurance were good to go, so we wouldn’t have to mess with either moving forward. We have friends who also worked with Aaron and Sarah at The Coverage Couple, and always said complimentary things about them. Since Gerry was only a few months from retirement, I had all the paperwork ready to provide, and to my surprise Aaron and Sarah didn’t breeze through it and try to sell us something. They took a few days to clearly read every page we gave them, highlighting portions and making notes for our review. We received so much helpful information we weren’t aware of, which was so valuable, literally. Lucky for us we received mostly high-marks on Gerry’s retirement funding, and at the end of the day we opened a couple of accounts for our grandsons, Ralpha and Eric, which they’ll be VERY happy we did when they turn 18 according to the interest rate!

Gerry, Brenda, Ralph, and Eric
retirement insurance plan

When Linda and I found The Coverage Couple online, we thought it was a large corporate firm, because we were comparing all sorts of sites. When we discovered it was Aaron and Sarah who would be helping us from start to finish, that’s all we needed to hear! As a technical engineer, I thought it’d be a cinch to purchase life insurance online, but after nearly a week of aimlessly hitting my keyboard (and wanting to hit my head against a wall), I was so wrong. It was a breath of fresh air having Aaron and Sarah stop the craziness to provide simple and practical info. Linda and I knew our newlywed policies weren’t even close to appropriate for our much larger family nearly 20 years later, but we weren’t sure how to make the needed changes. We received a thoughtful one-sheet from Aaron and Sarah that condensed all the noise into something affordable and actionable! Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that Aaron and Sarah happen to dog lovers like us!

Jamy, Linda, Donovan and Terese with White Fang, Tanner, and Betsy (pups)
family life insurance

I think we broke some kind of life insurance record, because by the time we got back from our honeymoon, both of our policies were approved! Aaron and Sarah kept complimenting us on taking care of our futures before our future actually began. Demi and I knew that the life insurance and stock matching program at my work wasn’t nearly enough for our life. Demi’s parents told us if we started investing and purchased life insurance now, it wouldn’t be something we’d have to “adjust” our budget for later -- it would just be a part of what we naturally do. Now that we’re coming up on our wedding anniversary, we’re so thankful to have worked with The Coverage Couple. It’s rare to be able to trust someone, and rarer to have the ability to call, text, or video-chat them with questions -- they’re always available, and they really care. Thanks so much!

Justin and Demi
life insurance for married couples

Dennis and I connected with Aaron and Sarah at The Coverage Couple right before our camping and horseback trip (pictured). We were surprised that was the best vacation we’ve ever taken, which we know is because of the peace of mind we had settling our life insurance needs. It’s great to have that concern handled and in our rearview mirror. Plus, just after our family outing to the mountains with our son Koby, we found out we’ll need to submit a new pic to Aaron and Sarah soon, because we have a daughter on the way! Dennis and I had no idea how much of a weight it would lift off us to button up something so important. I told all our friends about The Coverage Couple, we’re thankful for the work Aaron and Sarah did for our family!

Dennis, Sandra, and Koby
cheap life insurance

I lost my job in 2020 like so many people, and although I was a vice-president at a well-known bank, I quickly realized that my amazing benefits package disappeared amazingly fast! Aaron and Sarah explained how an employer or work-based insurance and benefits are owned and control by the employer. I never thought about it until I was forced to, so Patricia and I wanted to plug the leak once-and-for-all. The Coverage Couple was able to compare a TON of solutions side by side based on our specifics, and the best part of all is now we both have something portable, dependable, and actually received MORE benefit for LESS money than I was paying for the stuff that disappeared at work! According to Sarah and Aaron, Patty and I aren’t the only ones that had a rude awakening that year. We’re so happy our ‘rude awakening’ was solved by such kind and patient professionals like Aaron and Sarah, thanks guys!

Tommy and Patricia
employer insurance

My husband and I had bought a life insurance policy but we felt we were paying way too much every month. We mentioned this during our consultation with Aaron and Sarah, and they were immediately ready to help us. The first thing that put us at ease was their honesty. They told us that they would look at all the different options, but coulnd’t guarantee they could get a better price since we’d had it for a few years, but that they would investigate several companies and options. The second thing that we appreciated (and probably the most important) is that we NEVER felt pressured into purchasing a policy with them. They were in no way high-pressure throughout the process, just helpful and attentive. Third, they were able to find us a policy that saved us a considerable amount of money each month. They were so efficient in gathering and organizing the information, and presented it in a manner we understood. They were so willing to answer all our questions before we made any decisions. Aaron and Sarah really cared about our future and will care for yours too. They truly want to make sure all families are protected. They operate The Coverage Couple in a very professional manner and bring to the table a personal, sincere element that’s above the rest. We would not hesitate to purchase another policy from them when and if we need one in the future!

Mike and Joann
life insurance

The Coverage Couple knows how to deliver the one-two punch to the competition because they have so many options to compare against each other! Aaron and Sarah listened to our needs, prepared a detailed proposal custom-tailored to fit our unique situation, and explained our coverage options in a clear, concise, and timely manner. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for peace of mind through insurance protection!

Adam, Hannah, Emma and Garrett
Insurance coverage

Thank you to Aaron and Sarah at The Coverage Couple! I reached out to them when I found out my work’s life insurance wasn’t my own. My employer was trying to take my coverage away because my hours changed, and worse yet a friend of mine was laid off and lost all her benefits completely. Aaron and Sarah did a great job going over different life insurance policy options and explaining the coverage benefits and differences -- AFTER listening to our situation. We weren’t pressured into something we didn’t want but rather The Coverage Couple helped us find the policy that was a perfect fit for our needs now and in the future. Greg and I seriously can’t recommend them highly enough!

Greg and Teresa
Life Insurance Policy