We know you’d give your life for your family, so insuring it for them makes sense!

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The Coverage Couple DOES NOT work for any insurance company - they work for YOU! One-size-fits-all programs ultimately fit no one, that's why TCC has the MOST options

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The Coverage Couple’s foundation comes from a Non-Profit Benefits Advisory they operated for years serving America’s Emergency Responders and their families

100% Transparant

TCC works with and advocates for YOU, not a company - providing the freedom to operate solely in YOUR best interest with a faithful focus on serving your unique needs

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If TCC can’t help you, they certainly won’t hurt you. They're here to make certain you NEVER have to make the difficult choice between living physically or dying financially!

Investing & Insurance - by the Numbers...

Insurance is for You AND Your Loved Ones

$13,755: Average cost of calling hours, funeral service, burial, and cemetery fees in 2021

79 years old: Typical age of death in the USA, leaving behind an average of $62,000 in debt burden on surviving family members

150,000: People who die per day = Nearly 2 people die every second of every day… and NONE of them knew it was coming

$2-3 dollars/day: The average cost to completely avoid EVERY financial risk to you and your family both before-AND-after death

20 Years Experience

Technically it's 10 years each (x) 2... but that math adds up, right?

9 Team Members

Aaron, Sarah, Liam, Hermione, Kiki, Tombo, Cookie, Scamper, Snowflake


The Coverage Couple is a Life Insurance, Investment, & Retirement Advisory Brokerage Firm diligently devoted to preserving the peace of mind and financial prosperity of your family’s future

Insure, Invest, and Invent your Future

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Final Expense & Retirement

For people who don't want to work until they die, we create fail-proof retirement blueprints you can rely on.

Guaranteed Gain Investments

You know how when you invest money, and you only want it to GROW? That's EXACTLY what we offer!

Term Life Insurance

How do we say this without bragging? We have the LOWEST available costs on Term Life Insurance, PERIOD.

Mortgage Payoff Protection

50% of ALL bankruptcies start from unexpected death... and end with families LOSING their homes.

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The Coverage Couple Protects Your Promise of Tomorrow

Expert Advice and a Fret-Free Future with The Coverage Couple

The chance you’re going to die...
3 of 4 people die with debt they pass on to loved ones!
3 of the Top-5 reasons for Home Foreclosures are due to death and disability
1 of 2 bankruptcies is directly due to unpaid medical bills prior to death
The amount of Americans who have purchased portable private life insurance
Our guarantee NONE of these concerns will become your families reality

The Coverage Couple works with ALL
the Top-Rated Protection Providers

...so you get the BEST options, prices and solutions possible - PERIOD

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REAL TALK from The Coverage Couple Founders

We understand a small part of the reason you visited our site is for awesome advice on life insurance and investments… but mostly you’re here for the puppies…

Oh sure, we could go on about all our certifications and licenses, professional achievements and accolades, Non-Profits we’ve founded and managed across America, and record-breaking awards we’ve earned nationally throughout our career history serving families like yours — but that’s just not our style.

You can trust us to care for you and your family like we care for ours (including our unpaid 7 Junior Associates). Ask any of our adoring shih-tzus for a reference or referral and Liam, Kiki, Hermione, Tombo, Cookie, Scamper, and Snowflake will tell you we’re the bestest! If you need convincing from humans check our Client Testimonials page!